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Inflatable boats - PLPVLINE 350 hybrid boat

Inflatable boats from Pezal, for example PLPVline350 hybrid boat, is a proposal for demanding customers and for amateur of higher speed and thrill on the water. The hull of the boat is made of fiberglass and the sides are made of Hypalon, a material with exceptional durability. The standard features of this boat include: control console with fuel gauge, electrical wiring, fuel tank, automatic bilge pump, seat for helmsman and passengers. The dimensions of this model are 350cm long and 178cm wide. PLPVline350 is a boat designed to carry 4 people and its maximum load is 600kg. Technical parameters of this model allows you to mount the engine with maximum power of 25.74 kW/35 HP. All Pezal Marine Line inflatables are characterized by the unique strength of the applied materials technology and advanced manufacturing.

Electric inflator pump PPP80BD

An electric inflator pump with display and automatic shut-off. After reaching the fixed cut-off pressure pump stops automatically. The device allows you to set parameters of pumping: 0-80kPa (at 1kPa) or 500L/min. PPP80BD is designed to work in two directions: it is possible to pump or suck the air. The pump is powered by a built-in battery with connection to an external battery. Hose and fittings for inflating pontoon and battery charger are also included. This model is an ideal complement to rafts and boats offer hybrid PEZAL MARINE LINE.

Outboard engines

silniki zaburtowe

Pezal Marine product line can be prod of an increasingly popular and appreciated brand Seaking. Outboards we offer can be divided into Diesel and electric engines. The first group is the unit of power from 2.6 HP to 25HP, and specially selected engine power bands allow you to take full advantage of the limits imposed by Polish law. When it comes to electric outboards, they are still divided into general-purpose devices (including marine) and dedicated only to freshwater basins.